Derma Wand Info

1Derma Wand is a light therapy treatment at home to reduce the look of wrinkles. The Derma Wand promises some pretty incredible things as it promises the results that previously only invasive and expensive procedures delivered. But for those users that may think it is instant results it isn’t the product does take some dedication in order to reach the results that most people are wanting to achieve. Most people that are using the products have more than just light wrinkles that they are wanting to take care of but people of all kinds of skin types, and wrinkles can use the device and achieve results.

During the use of the Dermawand one can expect the skin to feel plumped up and that does reduce the sight of wrinkles on the face during the treatment, and after. During the treatment dry skin is what a person needs to have in order to avoid extra irritation that products can cause. The exception to the rule is that some people experience some stinging during the treatment and that is why the company developed a gel that reduces the feeling of the stinging and helps the device glide on the skin a lot easier. When it comes to using the gel less is defiantly more as too much gel can actually do the opposite of what you want so if it dries on the skin during the treatment just reactivate it with a small amount of water.

For true results with the product you must first use it twice a day for a couple of weeks and this can take between three minutes or more depending on the size of the face, shape, and the amount of wrinkles that are being treated. After the first couple weeks one can slowly go down to once a day every day and then to a couple times a week which doesn’t get reduced down any further in order to keep the results.


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