The Derma Wand Beauty Device

img2364500The Derma Wand is a beauty device created by Cristina Kove in the fight against aging skin. Based on the highly innovative radio frequency system the Derma Wand helps reduce wrinkles, sides in the reduction of laugh lines, and overall improves the signs of visible aging of the skin.Cristina Kove solicited the help of an engineer to create an at-home version of the radio frequency machines used by professional.

Derma Wand Performance

Just like the large radio frequency machines, the Dermawand can be used for several treatments to help in the prevention of premature aging. The Derma Wand stimulates the fragile skin, offers a massage option, thermal option, and enriches the overall saturation of oxygen in the skin. Don’t spend huge amounts of money going to a professional. Opt instead for the less expensive option to purchase the Derma Wand and use it in the privacy of your own home. Get great result by using the Derma Wand for a treatment every day.

Blogger Trial Results

Many have questioned the effectiveness of the Derma Wand in reducing unsightly wrinkles. Lifestyle blogger and emerging writer Connie partnered with the website Baby to Boomer for an in-depth three week trial of the Derma Wand System. Preliminary treatments were done for two minutes daily. It was only the days passed and some results became visible that Connie switched to infrequent intermittent treatment. The Derma Wand Care System is best used with its own creams and beauty products. However, due to the expense, Connie opted to use her preferred creams instead. In her article, Connie states that after using the Derma wand for three weeks the reduction of wrinkles overall improvement to her skin was negligible.


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