DermaWand uses noninvasive, innovative technology to give the appearance of younger, healthier looking skin. DermaWand stimulates the skin and increases blood flow to each cell. There are no painful chemical injections, so there will be no discomfort involved. DermaWand gives you the desired look of healthy, radiant skin without surgery or other painful, invasive procedures.

How DermaWand Works

DermaWand technology uses low-voltage electric, quick pace, pulses to stimulate the skin. This method gives the skin a more youthful look, and feel. This low-voltage electric technology is not new. It is a tested method that is proven to get desired results. DermaWand has been proven to increase collagen production, which helps keep the skin looking healthy and radiant. DermaWand is now available to anyone who wants radiant, younger-looking skin.

DermaWand Exclusive Pretreatment Cream

Included with each DermaWand purchase is complimentary vials of DermaWand’s exclusive pretreatment cream. You may use products you previously owned if you prefer. DermaWand works well with other, over the counter, products. DermaWand’s technology smoothes out wrinkles and makes large pores smaller, which gives the appearance of radiant, younger-looking skin.

DermaWand Best Results

To achieve best results, clean skin and make sure skin is completely dry before use. When using DermaWand for the first time, you will experience a sensation that feels like millions of tiny needles piercing your skin. You also will hear a sound similar to sizzling; this comes from the pulsing action of the DermaWand. You will eventually get used to the sensation and sound of the DermaWand. To reduce the piercing sensation, apply DermaWand’s exclusive pretreatment before using the DermaWand. On initial use of the DermaWand, start on the number one setting, and gradually increase the settings according to the directions. Start using the Dermawand on one area of your face, then gently and slowly move to other areas. Make sure you use the same motion on all areas of your face. This whole process usually takes approximately four minutes.


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