How Dermawand Can Help Your Skin

Dermawand fits in the middle of Skin Care products. It works better and is more expensive than lotions and soaps, but is less effective than expensive procedures and surgeries. In this article, we will explore how Derma Wand works and the results you can expect using the product.

How Dermawand Works

Dermawand uses thermal energy to warm the skin cells in the face. Dermawand creates heat by using radio frequency waves delivered by microcurrents deep into the skin of the face. Studies have shown that when skin reaches 40-45 C, it results in collagen production. Any higher and you risk skin damage.

The Dermawand delivers microcurrents at 100,000 cycles per second creating a massaging effect. Massages increase blood flow to an area while at the same time causing lymphatic drainage. This effect gets rid of the puffy look of the skin.

How To Use Dermawand

You have to plug Dermawand into an outlet to use it. After plugging in, it is suggested to try the Dermawand on setting one on the back of your hand first to test for bad side effects first. If you are prone to broken capillaries, pregnant, or have a pacemaker, do not use this device. Also, stop using the device if your skin suffers from prolonged redness or dryness after use.

To start, moisturize and completely dry your face. Then run the bulb directly against your skin with the dial on one. You should feel a gentle tingling feeling. Dermawand claims the process takes around 3 minutes. You should use Dermawand two times a day in the morning and at night. When you no longer feel the tingling feeling, then it is time to turn up the knob on Dermawand.


Results using Dermawand can take a bit of patience. It can take up to three months to get the results that you want. It is at a lower price point than other items that might improve your skin. People who have given Derma Wand bad reviews often do so because of fear and discomfort of using the device around eyes and turning the power on the device up.


Does DermaWand Only Work on the Wrinkles and Lines on your Face?

1If you have been considering buying DermaWand to help eliminate your lines and wrinkles, you have probably asked yourself if it is a device you can only use on your face?

After all, you probably have lines, wrinkles and sagging skin on other areas of your body as well.

Does DermaWand work on other areas of your body? — Your skin will usually react the same whether you use the DermaWand on your face, your neck, your chest, your arms, legs, stomach or even your buttocks.

In other words, any area of your body that is suffering from wrinkles or saggy skin will react to consistent use of the DermaWand.

How often should you use the device? — You should use the device on your skin anywhere on your body at least once a day, just like you would on your face.

Having said that, you may notice some areas of your body have skin that is a little more sensitive than others. If this is the case for you, you may have to work up to using the DermaWand daily over a week or two, just to be sure your skin does not become too irritated.

How long does the DermaWand take to work on other areas? — This depends on how deep the lines and wrinkles are, and how sensitive your skin.

In most cases, however, the skin on your body will probably react almost the same as the skin on your face. This will mean you will first begin to notice an improvement in your lines and wrinkles several weeks after consistent daily use.

With even more consistent use over another few weeks, those results should improve even more. Keep using the Dermawand daily, and eventually you may notice any area of your body where you have used it is much improved.

Fountain of Youth

A Miracle

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing wrinkles and crows feet around your eyes? looking young and vibrant could bring you confidence,success and so much more. Are you tired of trying hundreds of face creams, only to find that they don’t work? Surgeries and salons can become very expensive and timely. There is a simple step to your success. There is now a product that will improve your everyday life and save you money.

The Product

Christina Boves is the creator of this wonderfully, miraculous product. After discovering this product, she had tried it herself and found there were noticeable improvements in 12 weeks. Laugh lines will disappear and cheek puffiness is gone for good. Dermawand is a small wand that rotates in a circular motion of 100,000 circular motions per minute, this allows your blood to flow more and leaves your skin soft and youthful. It releases a thermal energy that improves elasticity while working underneath the surface of your skin. Dermablend also releases a fresh oxygen into your pores to shrink and stimulate the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and vibrant.


Once purchasing Dermablend, there is a money back guarantee up to 30 days. You will see and feel the difference as many others have with Dermablend. Many customers have shown satisfaction through great reviews and photos are the icing on the cake. It is easy to use and even more easy to clean. You will be amazed compared to other skin products you may have tried. Other products may damage your skin leaving it red and dry. Dermablend guarantees a fresh healthy,wholesome glow that is wrinkle free. Dermablend takes pride in its product and its customers or your money back. Try it and experience the miracle of Dermablend.

Dermawand’s Tiny Presence In Your Bathroom

1Dermawand is a tiny unit that you may use to change your skin tone and tightness. You are altering your body, and this article explains how you may use this device every day. You are creating a far better skin regimen for yourself, and you may remain young for years to come.

Dermawand Is Very Small

Dermawand is a small device that you may keep on the bathroom counter, and it allows you to scrub off the dead skin that makes you look older. You may apply the serum or cream to your skin, and it is important that you have chosen to use the Dermawand every day to change your complexion. You may use the wand for just a few moments on the troublesome spots on your face, and it creates a much smoother look.

How Easy Is This To Use?

The Dermawand is easy for ladies to use, and they create a look that is perfect for them. Women may use the wand before or after getting out of the shower, and they may use the Dermawand because it helps them remove wrinkles. You may help eliminate those laugh lines, and your face remains as smooth as a teenager’s.

What Are The Serums?

The serums that are included with the Dermawand are amazing because they allow you to use different serums for different problems. You may choose a serum that works for dry skin, or you may choose a serum that helps with oily skin. Ensure that you have treated your skin when it looks unhealthy, and the Dermawand makes you feel much better about yourself.

Women who are using the Dermawand feel better about their appearance, and their bodies change because they may treat any part of their body with this simple device.

All About Dermawand

2The Dermawand is a product out on the market in which claims it can help reduce the wrinkles in one’s skin. This is no longer a new product and has been used by millions across the country with success; the success for every person looks different as everyone starts their treatments from a different place. But that does leave some prospective users still wondering how well it would work for them and if it would be worth it. The Dermawand works by quickly massaging the skin which causes all of the cells to get better blood flow, and thus it does encourage the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen is what keeps the skin looking young and nice many high end surgeries focus on replacing collagen or injecting collagen because of this. But with the Dermawand you are working with what it is that your body produces with the encouragement of the product.

When you do start using the product there are different settings in which you should work your way up on to the setting you feel gives you the best result while remaining comfortable for the duration of the treatment. The treatments do take about a half hour to complete but as you use the product more you will get more and more used to it thus not having to go over the face quite as many times as you will be doing so more effectively the first time. If you are starting from a place of a lot of wrinkles be assured that the product will work well for you just like it will for those that are just starting to see wrinkles and the more the product is used over time the better the results are seen by the customers. But overall the product is safe, affordable, and gives real results.

The Derma Wand Will Make People Feel Good About Their Looks

2The Derma Wand Has Made Many Customers Feel More Confident

One complaint many people have about themselves is that their skin doesn’t look perfect. They don’t like how dry it is, or they just want it to be smooth and even. No matter what their problem is with the skin, they should look for a unique way to make it better. And what better product to try than Derma Wand? It is cheap, and it has given many people great results.

The Derma Wand Should Be Given A Good Chance To Work

The product should work pretty quickly, but those who use it and don’t see immediate results shouldn’t be discouraged. The Derma Wand is different from the average skincare product, but no one should be afraid to give it a chance. They should know that because it is different, it might give them better results than the products they have tried before.

They Are Going To Enjoy How Their Skin Appears

Anyone who sticks with the Dermawand long enough to see some good results from it will love the way that their skin looks. They will know that they would never have felt as confident in their skin if not for this product. And they will like that it is cheap enough product that they can recommend that their friends buy it without thinking that they won’t be able to afford it. Or, they can even give it as a gift to a friend who struggles with their skin. It will be kind of them to pass on this great product, and it will be great for their own confidence to keep using it.

How Dermawand Continues to Amaze

Dermawand is the product that people are starting to buy if they want to do something about blackheads and other spots that are detracting from their physical appearance. The Dermawand is something that has come into play as one of the more popular products because it provides people with a home-based solution. They do not have to go to a dermatologist and spend excessive amounts of money.

The Dermawand Reviews

As with most things in life it is the Dermawand reviews that has made this a popular product. It has managed to sell lots of volumes because people are pleased with the effectiveness of this product so far. The large majority of consumers that have purchased this are buying it online, but there are some stores that have also made it possible for consumers to purchase this if they cannot wait.

Dermawand consumer base

Typically, the Dermawand is something that is something that is utilized primarily by women, but there are also men that are users of this product as well. It has become a lot more popular as the social media reviews increase for this product.

People that have taken to enhancing their facial features may find themselves spending a ton of money if they go to a dermatologist on a regular basis. With Dermawand they are able to get rid of a lot of the things that may have caused them to see a dermatologist in the first place. The main thing that they will discover is that they are saving a large amount of money when they utilize Dermawand instead signing up to see a dermatologist on a regular basis. Most people find that their Dermawand is cheaper than one co-payment with a dermatologist that will require multiple visits. This is also less evasive than any surgery.

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How Does The Derma Wand Work

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More Beauty Facts

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Derma Wand Info

1Derma Wand is a light therapy treatment at home to reduce the look of wrinkles. The Derma Wand promises some pretty incredible things as it promises the results that previously only invasive and expensive procedures delivered. But for those users that may think it is instant results it isn’t the product does take some dedication in order to reach the results that most people are wanting to achieve. Most people that are using the products have more than just light wrinkles that they are wanting to take care of but people of all kinds of skin types, and wrinkles can use the device and achieve results.

During the use of the Dermawand one can expect the skin to feel plumped up and that does reduce the sight of wrinkles on the face during the treatment, and after. During the treatment dry skin is what a person needs to have in order to avoid extra irritation that products can cause. The exception to the rule is that some people experience some stinging during the treatment and that is why the company developed a gel that reduces the feeling of the stinging and helps the device glide on the skin a lot easier. When it comes to using the gel less is defiantly more as too much gel can actually do the opposite of what you want so if it dries on the skin during the treatment just reactivate it with a small amount of water.

For true results with the product you must first use it twice a day for a couple of weeks and this can take between three minutes or more depending on the size of the face, shape, and the amount of wrinkles that are being treated. After the first couple weeks one can slowly go down to once a day every day and then to a couple times a week which doesn’t get reduced down any further in order to keep the results.

Derma Wand Review

Dealing With Problem Skin

Everyone wants beautiful skin, but the journey to a flawless complexion isn’t always easy. There are a myriad of troubles that many people deal with on a daily basis that can be difficult to treat, such as acne, blackheads, large pores, redness, dryness, and excessive oil. If you have multiple afflictions or problems that you want to fix in regards to your skin, finding the perfect product or regiment can be daunting. There are so many different brands, creams, and washes that claim to fix many issues, but how many of them actually work?

Introducing Derma Wand

The creators of the Derma Wand have attempted to provide a solution to many people who want more radiant skin. This device uses radio frequency technology to improve skin in a number of ways, including reducing pore size and eliminating sagging skin and wrinkles. Compared to visiting an aesthetician, this device is well worth the investment and gives you the option of achieving beautiful skin at home for a lower cost.

Other’s Experience

There are tons of positive reviews on the Dermawand. The device promises that users will look “years younger” and actual customers seem to agree that it has helped them achieve that look. Reviews have boasted tighter skin along with reduced pores, all contributing to increased self confidence.


Finally, consumers also loved the non-invasive aspect of the Derma Wand. Many treatments like the Derma Wand can be semi-painful, but this simply massages your skin into invigoration. The massage increases blood flow to problem areas to plump up the skin and make it more youthful-looking.

The Verdict

Overall, the Derma Wand sounds like a worthwhile investment if you want a device that takes the years off. And for only $89, it is significantly cheaper than similar treatments.